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Prospectare is a company that has customers, partners and suppliers all over the world. These groups, along with other organisations and individuals with whom our business interacts, have a special interest in what we do. Your opinions about Prospectare Brasil are influenced by our actions.

A good reputation is not only important, it is essential to our continued success. A key driver of this reputation is how we all behave—both as individuals and collectively.

In a complex world, it is impractical to define specific rules and regulations to cover all situations. However, we at Prospectare have a Code of Ethics that aims to offer clear standards and guidelines in business for our employees and collaborators.

The Code is the foundation of our commitment to legal compliance, including the prohibition of bribery and any form of corruption. We periodically update the Code taking into account any changes in the laws, rules and regulations in force in Brazil.

It sets out general principles for how we do business, based on shared values of integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency, and is designed with solid moral and ethical foundations to assist us in our interactions with colleagues, external partners, institutions and communities with which we work and interact.

Our aim is not only with the company's reputation and safeguarding the interests of our partners and employees, but also to protect the interests of all our employees by ensuring individual legal and regulatory compliance, as well as responsible behaviour.

We ask all our employees and collaborators to commit to following the Code to contribute to everyone's success.